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There was once Donald Gould, a homeless man in Florida, who couldn’t eat three meals a day.

On rainy days, you can only temporarily shelter from the rain under the eaves of the store. He looks very downcast, and he hasn’t shaved his beard for a long time. No one cares whether such a person will freeze to death on the street in the next second.

One day he was walking on the street as before, the sun in Florida was always bright, not far ahead, shining on a piano that seemed to have been abandoned for a long time, reflecting a strange light.

Although the piano looked rather dilapidated, the old bone in front of him faintly emitted a sad and ancient melody, calling Donald to stop.

No one heard the melody from the old piano, which was the soul code that Donald was able to crack.

No one cares, no one cares, even though Donald stops in front of the piano, people coming and going keep passing by this person and the piano, as if they never existed, and no one hears the melody from the old piano, that is The soul code that Donald was able to crack.

Donald made a difficult decision.

As timid as an elementary school student taking his first piano lesson, Donald pulled up his chair, resting his withered fingers restlessly on the black and white keys.

The sun is still shining on the streets of Florida, and the world has its own reasons, and it continues to run this way and that, without being delayed by anyone for a second.

But at that second, Donald played with all his strength and boldly, as if the frustration, misery, despair, and confusion of his wandering life had set off strong winds and huge waves at the moment when his fingers touched the keys.

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The air condensed, and the hearts of pedestrians on the street missed a beat.

No one could believe that this disheveled man in front of him, who looked like he hadn’t showered for a long time and hadn’t had a good meal for a long time, could actually play such a heartbreaking tune.

The piece played by Donald is called “Come Sail Away”, which means “Sail Away”. And this is the beginning of Donald’s life redemption.

The haggard and frustrated Donald, who came from Michigan in his early years, served in the US Marine Corps. Because he was very interested in music, he also served in the Marine Corps. He touched many colleagues with the musical notes he played with his life.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Donald studied music at Spring Arbor University, but was forced to suspend his studies because of financial constraints. He chose a safe life path, got married and had a child, but he didn’t expect his wife to commit suicide in 1998. All success and failure turned around. Donald fell into depression and began to rely on drugs for countless nights.

The social worker had to intervene and took away Donald’s son Donny, who was also his last hope in life at the moment. From then on, the world is boundless, no money, no job, and a desolate look, so that I dare not look back to my son.

Donald had no choice but to stay home and go wherever he had his next meal. The state went through the next state, and he was 51 years old when he was found playing in Florida.

Such a difficult life, is there still a possibility to set sail in the rough sea?

On that day in 2015, a passer-by who thought it was unbelievable and was moved by Donald’s piano sound, took a video of what happened and put it on Youtube. Unexpectedly, it got millions of views in a few days.

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Donald’s sad life story spread like wildfire on the Internet.

Due to the long-term harm of drugs, his health is no longer good. Netizens held fundraising for him, and raised 40,000 US dollars in a short period of time, hoping to help Donald get rid of drug addiction and recover his health.

Unbelievable things continued to happen. Spring Arbor University, which had to drop out due to financial problems in the early years, even offered him a full scholarship to study music. Although it is already the second half of his life, Donald’s heart is nothing but gratitude.

Countless people were touched by Donald’s life story, which gave him the opportunity to be on the stage of the NFL. In front of 75,000 fans, he played the American national anthem. At this moment, he has never been so proud in his heart, nor has he been so lost.

In front of 75,000 fans, he played the American national anthem.At this moment, Donald’s heart has never been so proud

There is a vast sea of ​​people, and when I look back, I don’t know where I am. Ah, no matter how great your achievements are, no one can share them with you. Sixteen years after being separated from his son, Donald was still the loneliest person in the world.

Then fate knocked again.

The adoptive parents of their son Donny accidentally saw Donald being interviewed on TV, and contacted the radio station immediately.

On the day of the reunion, Donny seemed unfamiliar and did not dare to approach his father who was too far away from home. Donald knew that time was a sensuous magician. No rush, no rush, father and son have been separated for so long, now they have the time in the whole universe to slowly learn tenderness and how to kiss each other’s wounds.

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Despite this, Donald still burst into tears, unable to believe that there is really a miracle in the world.

Cry, cry, cry all you want, don’t hold back, it’s okay Donald.

Terayama Shuji said: “Tears are the smallest ocean that humans can make.” And the sea of ​​tears can also reflect the hope of the sun, if you are willing to play “Come Sail Away” with me again…

There is no need to be depressed in life, there is still music in the corner.

#Source: The Washington Post

There is a sequel to the touching story, and Donald released a record, the title of the album is called “Walking on Water”,
and “Come Sail Away” are both images of water and (Jesus) redemption


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Wall-E Selection/Donald Gould playing “Come Sail Away” on the streets of Florida in 2015

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