Teams that are not in Orlando could do their preseason in the bubble

The NBA bubble It’s going from strength to strength but the league is still thinking about the future. There are eight teams absent in Orlando and from the NBA offices different options are being considered so that they can return to competition as soon as possible.

San Amick, of The Athletic, has commented on one of the options that the league is considering: “
It could be that these eight teams came to the Disney World bubble to train after the eliminated teams have left.

The executive director of the players association, the NBPA, has made it clear that they they are against any option that does not have the same conditions and protocols as the Orlando bubble. However, on August 17 there will be six teams to pack their bags at Disney and leave their hotels and courts free.

As teams fall in the Playoff this space will only increase, although the league remembers that the family and staff of the players will occupy some of these rooms.

The eight absent teams in Orlando they asked the NBA for a second bubble not to spend almost nine months without competing, something that it was hardly going to happen for logistical reasons. Now the option of dletting them enter the Disney land seems to gain strength and have more logic than other alternatives.

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