Team Ninja will announce several new titles for 2021 Will Xbox be in your plans?

Already in 1995 Team Ninja consolidated itself as an audacious and successful team within the sphere of Tecmo, bringing as cover letters to the sagas of Dead or Alive O Ninja Gaiden to later make their way with great titles like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and Fire Emblem Warriors among several more.

The recent IP Nioh it would show the studio in tip-top shape with critically and fan-acclaimed installments on all platforms.

A 2021 full of news for Team Ninja

It was Fumuhiko Yasuda himself, producer of Nioh, who announced in a interview with the Japanese portal 4Gamer a battery of news regarding titles for 2021;

In February we will launch Nioh 2 Remastered: Complete Edition (NdelT: which will also be released on PC the same day) and The Nioh Collection, which includes the entire Nioh saga, for now for Playstation 5 (…)

We are also preparing several announcements of new titles for 2021, so stay tuned!

It remains to be defined if the titles that Yasuda refers to will be from already known IPs or if they will offer us a new addition to their already bulky catalog, but we will be here to keep you informed.


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