Team Behind Skyrim Mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories To Create Game Of Their Own – Gaming – News

The modders behind the Skyrim mod Enderal are working on a game of their own. The creators quit the Elder Scrolls mod and want to focus on a commercial game. Details about this are not yet known at this time.

SureAI, the team behind Enderal: Forgotten Stories, is enrolling a forum post that it will stop developing the mod. Patch has been available for download this weekend, but that will be the last patch for Enderal. “SureAI is currently working on a new commercial project that we can hopefully announce this year,” the developers write. The makers do not release any further details about this. There are also no details on social media channels. Due to the extra time that the new project takes, no new patches will be released for Enderal.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is by far the most popular mod for Skyrim. The game has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and even has its own Steam page. The game is based on the latest Elder Scrolls game, but has its own story, lore and a modified skill system and other mechanics.

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