Teaching in times of Covid, 19


The pandemic has transformed education. Faced with this, teachers are obliged to modify their teaching methods. Therefore, this article will point out some practical tips to apply in teaching to have a great experience in online education.

The Coronavirus pandemic that hit the world in 2020 forever transformed education. Everything seems to indicate that the irruption of the virus will generate a series of changes in the educational formats that we knew. One of the most significant changes is the appearance of online classes as the most practical and basic method for imparting knowledge. However, adaptation for both teachers and students is not easy. That is why this article will point out some Practical tips so that educators can successfully develop online classes. Secondly, some Virtual Masteries that can provide fundamental knowledge and strategies for the educational transformation that is being experienced.

5 Practical Tips to Successfully Develop Online Classes

Some practical tips for developing online classes in times of pandemic are:

  • Know all the tools provided by the platform and use only those that are functional to the class.
  • Develop a class that includes visual or audiovisual elements.
  • Create community with students through interaction.
  • Transform study materials and adapt them to the digital environment.
  • Use short, concise and easily understandable sentences.

Online Masters in Education in Mexico

In Mexico, there are a wide variety of online careers that allow you to expand your knowledge about the educational field. If you seek to meet this objective, the online Master’s degrees that are developed in Mexican Universities are especially recommended.

These online Master’s degrees will allow us to understand the transformations that are taking place in education and will be of great help when establishing new strategies for approaching students and developing new teaching methods. Among them, one of the online Masteries of the Online Latin American Technological University: the Executive Master’s Degree in Education and Teaching. The main online careers and online Masters in Mexico are:

In conclusion, pursuing online careers, such as online Masters, can be of great help when establishing new educational methods and strategies. These online careers provide the knowledge necessary for the strategies devised to be consistent and effective. If you need more information about the online Master’s degrees presented or about other online careers you can consult the suggested links or you can even complete the form so that an advisor can contact you.


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