Teacher salary scale: $ 4,000 won’t be for everyone

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Shkarlet noted that salaries for teachers will increase twice in 2021

The best teachers at the presidential university will have the highest salaries, Sergey Shkarlet explained.

In Ukraine, a salary of 4 thousand dollars for professors is real. And for teachers by the end of 2021, the salary will increase by almost 30%. This was stated by the Minister of Education and Science Sergei Shkarlet in an interview for Today, unveiled on Wednesday 11 August.

4 thousand dollars were announced in 2019, and I think that this will be a reality at the first stage of the implementation of the reform of the higher education system. This is when it will be Presidential University introduced, and for the best teachers, professors, 4 thousand dollars will be a reality. Certainly not for everyone. But this will be the point of rebooting the higher education system, “the minister said.

Shkarlet noted that salaries for teachers will increase twice in 2021, and once in 2022.

“In 2021, the salary increase for teachers will occur twice. The first was by 20% from January 1. We still expect almost 9% on December 1. Therefore, in 2021 there will be an increase of almost 30%. In 2022, an increase is expected at the end of the year. we will also expect an increase by about 10%, “the minister said.

Earlier Shkarlet called a way for teachers get a 20% salary increase… But for this they need to be certified.

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