Teacher beheaded for showing Mohammed cartoons to students

In France, a teacher was beheaded today for showing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in class. A Muslim student told his parents, after which his father beheaded the teacher. He called out “Allahu Akbar”. That reports Le Parisien.

Recently, the history teacher had taught his students about freedom of speech. He also showed Mohammed cartoons, which in France after the attacks on the French weekly Charlie Hebdo has become symbolic of freedom of expression.

One of the students, a young man of Algerian origin, told his parents. The boy’s father is said to have become so enraged that he decided to kill the teacher.

Around 5 pm this afternoon, a little after school, the man with a large kitchen knife went to the school where the teacher worked. There he walked up to the history teacher and beheaded the man while he “Allahu Akbar” called out. Moments later, he also threatened the police who had been called, after which he was shot. He would have died in the process.

The investigation is conducted by the anti-terrorist parquet. It is assumed “Murder in connection with an act of terrorism” in “Terrorist gangs”.

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