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At first, Litovel in the Olomouc region became famous for quarantine due to coronavirus, then it eluted the whole area of ​​invasion. This is one of the reasons why tourists in vain should not drink there.

Just see when the local volcano wakes up to it. People are still afraid to come here and write here because of the covide. There is no reason for that, I am clearly the mayor of Litovel, Viktor Kohout. Therefore, a member of Nalkat decided to invite hans to Bentek in the heart of Pomerania. While, according to him, most of the republic is busy, it is about Sunday or Sunday.

Region toti

When the army completely closed the Litovelsko and Uniovsko region for two weeks, thanks to medial attention, help from all corners of the republic came. On the other hand, we got a sticker and a mark: Bacha! The problem is that it remained in many people, to Kohout for the server.

Experience with coronavirus vnm as a stigma with long persistence. When I go somewhere and declare that I am from Litovel, the reception at the hotel stops immediately.

The Central Moravian town, famous for its main brewery, is looking for ways to draw attention to itself in good light, this time without any problems, first of all about the area, surface tests, flooding and the transformation of insects.

As soon as we recovered a bit from the epidemic, the newspapers caught the fact that they were with us, and we were going again. We are talking about advertising here, but they practically killed it, the mayor commented in a hurry, and they would be able to eliminate problems with the post.

There is no one to accommodate

The summer’s arrest in Litovel certainly did not follow the scene. Leaders ride, they have a tough end, but as for the classic families with children, who visit the monuments and castles in the vicinity of the bike path or the habitat and stay for a week, their interest has decreased significantly. It can also be seen in restaurants, Mayor Kohout named, noting that he is also trying to start the local economy.


The sale of Litovelské Pomorav has always been a popular tourist destination, but in June, for example, the information center in Litovel had half as many tourists as last year. Radnin was able to see only five of the activities, the local museum was able to go there. Problems can also be caused by the fact that some of the programs are based on the indicator of activities, although there will probably be exceptions, said the mayor.

Kateina Gelov from the Litovel Information Center confirmed to the server. According to them, this is also behind the city’s presentation and it can be expected that the summer season will start.

According to the mayor of Kohout, the owner of the boarding house suffered the most, who broke his arms over the unfinished capacities. Only 40 percent of the apartments are occupied by Martin Peka. It is a dream to saturate with temporary employees of local companies. However, traditional clients are families with children and they canceled their stays in April.

Last year and last year we were sold out, this year we are empty. People also call that they saw us at first because of the commotion and that they probably won’t come. He confirmed that there is something wrong here. At the same time, your hygienic things were abnormally observed in our country all the time, because we ourselves were afraid, he told the server Peka. Not even an extended weekend in the first week of the holidays did not cry anyone, they would get used to the opposite.

Somewhat optimistic about the situation situation Vojtch Mrz, who offers a hostel in a former mill in the heart of Litovel. In recent years, they have had a season reserved since winter.

That’s why we weren’t able to offer the city a nice caller at the last minute we are now, because the capacity is about 50 percent full. And during the coronavirus, we managed to keep the work that was fulfilled and for years to come, still positive Frost. The outflow of tourists is also suitable for those who are not afraid, add.

Vce ne msta lk proda

Even in Uni, which was in the focus of the disease during the coronavirus spades, there is less tourism, but there, Mayor Radek Vincour takes it stoically. To me, it may take a holiday inside the republic, but most of the city is attracted by the sale.

Uniov registers a small number of tourists, but it is impossible to compare it with previous years. It has proved dense with cycle paths and the whole-day cultural program Uniovsk kulturn lto. To avoid the calamity even above sea level, as well as all areas where large lagoons remained on the fields. This year’s tourism is as unpredictable as the summer weather, the server said, saying that the town hall must try to find out how to support this sector.

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