Taylor Swift is getting some good news on a very special day

Tell me – International superstar Taylor Swift, winner of 11 Grammy Awards, celebrates her 33rd birthday on Tuesday.

And the American singer celebrated her birthday by receiving a nomination for the fourth time at the Golden Globe Awards, in the Best Original Song category, for her song “Carolina”.

Taylor Swift had previously been nominated 3 times for the same category at the Golden Globe Awards, first in 2013 for the song “Safe and Sound”, and in 2014 for the song “Sweeter than Fiction” and the song “Beautiful Ghost”.

And 4 days ago, American film production company, Searchlight Pictures, announced that American singer Taylor Swift will make her first directorial experience with a story written by her.

The company, which is partly owned by The Walt Disney Company, hasn’t revealed what Taylor Swift’s film will be about or its potential release date.

David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield, presidents of Searchlight, said in a statement: “Taylor is a unique artist and storyteller of her generation… Collaborating with her as she embarks on this exciting new creative journey is a pure pleasure and a privilege. . “

Taylor Swift won Best Artist of the Year 2022, at the American Music Awards, held on Nov. 21, as she won all six awards she was competing for, including Best Artist of the year.

The American star has released 4 original albums and two remakes in the past three years, more than her entire output in the previous decade, and her latest album, ‘Midnights’, entered the top 10 of the Billboard charts following its debut in October .

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Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, but her family moved, after her insistence, to Nashville, country music’s first kiss, to fulfill Swift’s dream in the field of music and of singing.

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