Taylor Swift earns the title of superpolluter with her jet …. And responds

Taylor Swift (32) has also been involved in the strong controversy that has been formed on account of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by certain ‘celebs’ with the regular use of your private jets for both professional and personal travel.

According to the analysis agency ‘Yard’, the American star is lthe famous one who pollutes the most in this sense. Since last January, his plane would have been used on 170 trips and would have released about 800 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, an amount that does not exceed any other public figure in the world of entertainment.

However, her representative has quickly responded to this information with the aim of clarifying it and protecting the artist’s reputation. According to the statement that she has issued her communication team, Taylor’s aircraft is routinely rented to other travelers and, therefore, it could not be affirmed that these striking data correspond to the interpreter in its entirety.

“Taylor’s jet is frequently rented to other individuals. Attributing most of these trips to him is totally incorrect,” his spokesman said in the note, which has received numerous criticisms on social networks for offering, in the opinion of numerous users, a mere excuse that in no way excludes the owner of the plane from her responsibilities to the planet.

The controversy surrounding the levels of pollution caused by celebrities is not new, but last July it resurfaced with force as a result of information indicating that the businesswoman Kylie Jenner (24) he used his jet for transfers of less than 20 minutes. Rapper Drake has also been harshly criticized in recent days for using it excessively.

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