Taxi runs over Curtis Sliwa while on his way to an interview at a radio station in Manhattan – Telemundo New York (47)

Republican New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa was hit by a taxi on his way to a radio appearance on Friday, but still completed his hour-long program before going for a check-up at a hospital. said his sister and a spokesperson.

No police report was filed, according to the campaign. Soon after, Sliwa suggested it would be fine in a tweet.

Sliwa was on his way to a live radio show with WABC on Third Avenue when he was hit by a yellow cab in front of Radio City Music Hall, at West 50th Street and Sixth Avenue, at a time when traffic was jammed, he said. campaign advisor Rob Cole.

Cole detailed that the impact sent Sliwa up to 6 feet in the air, ripping his suit and leaving him with some cuts and bruises, but he still made it to the station.

As a precaution, the campaign said it would postpone Sliwa’s afternoon schedule so that he could be evaluated by medical professionals at a nearby hospital.

Sliwa’s wife, Nancy, said her husband had suffered a broken left arm and would need to wear a sling.

The crash comes just four days before Sliwa faces Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, the Democratic nominee, in the New York City mayoral race. Adams wished Sliwa a “speedy recovery” in a tweet.

A WPIX / Emerson poll conducted last week showed that Adams has a dominant advantage over Sliwa, with 61 percent of likely voters saying they would support the Democrat. Sliwa garnered 25 percent of the support of likely voters, according to the poll.

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