Tatra won a pilot contract for the supply of 77 fire trucks for the Bundeswehr

Together with the Austrian company Rosenbauer, Tatra Trucks has won a pilot contract for the supply of 77 fire engines for the German army.

The carmaker is also preparing to manufacture its vehicles in Brazil. Kamil Košťál, Tatra’s marketing director, told reporters in Kopřivnice in the Novojičín region.

“As for the German army, together with Rosenbauer, which is the largest fire truck manufacturer in the world, we have won a pilot contract for the supply of 77 fire trucks. This delivery, we believe, will open the door for fire truck deliveries to other armies as well,” he said. Stalk.

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Tatra will start delivering vehicles next year. “These will be Tatra chassis and Tatra cabins, with the American Cummins engine and the American Allison transmission. Cummins because it meets the Euro 6 standard and today the trend is an automatic transmission,” said Košťál.

Tatra has already announced a reference order for the Belgian army this year. There will be 876 vehicles, Tatra Trucks will supply chassis. “We won the Belgian tender together with DAF. We believe that this delivery will open the door for logistics vehicles for other NATO armies,” said Košťál. Another Kopřivnice-based company, Tatra Defense Vehicle, is also to take part in the contract.

Cars should be made in Brazil from parts supplied from the Czech Republic. “Today, the trend is for customers to want at least part of the assembly, service, etc. in the place where they are located. That’s why we are setting up joint ventures, and one of them is a joint venture that will be opened in Brazil. vehicles designed for agriculture, or similar applications, “said Košťál.

It is not yet known when the race will start operating. “We are now in the phase when contracts are being concluded and when a precise implementation schedule will be prepared,” Košťál said.

Tatra Trucks manufactures serial trucks as well as custom-made special vehicles. Last year, it produced 1,181 trucks and sold 1,186 cars. Almost 60 percent of cars were exported.

Last year, the company generated sales of 5.5 billion crowns, down 377 million year-on-year, and operating profit before depreciation and amortization EBITDA 509 million crowns, in 2019 this indicator was 365 million. Tatra’s net profit increased by 30.7 million to almost 141 million crowns. The carmaker has over 1,000 employees, more than 600 other people work in the subsidiary Tatra Metalurgie. He belongs to the Czechoslovak Group of billionaire Michal Strnad.



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