Tatra will supply Bundeswehr cars for hundreds of millions

“We believe that the new contract will open up opportunities for us in other NATO countries. Germany has one of the strongest armies in the North Atlantic thirty, “Kamil Košťál, Tatra’s marketing director, told the E15 daily. He recalled that the company had previously supplied 46 fire specials for Norwegian civilian services. “This was the first penetration of the Tatra Mountains into Western Europe,” he said.

Tatra will produce bundeswehr chassis and cabs for 14 million euros, almost 360 million crowns. However, the value of the entire contract is significantly higher, most of it for Austrian superstructures. Their price has not been announced yet.

Special fire brigades operate in all NATO armies. Sixteen fire brigades are deployed in the Czech army at military airports, ammunition depots and military districts.

During the negotiations, the Kopřivnice manufacturer relies primarily on the advantages of the chassis. “We have to get customers in the car. Until they ride and get to know the difference between the Tatra and another heavy car, they will not appreciate the differences, “Košťál emphasized.

A unique design solution consists of a central tube, which carries independently suspended wheels. According to Košťál, this Tatra allows for smooth movement in the terrain compared to a centipede. “For cars with a classic frame chassis, the comfort is significantly lower, in addition, due to the large torsion of the frame, they have a shorter service life and carry a load with a lower weight,” he added.

The world’s largest manufacturer of firefighting equipment, Rosenbauer, or the Dutch producer of DAF trucks are not the only companies with which Tatra cooperates. It is the Dutch carmaker that is part of the American Paccar concern. Since 2011, the Tatra Phoenix model has been one of the joint projects.

Ties to the American-Dutch concern helped Tatra to participate in the contract for the Belgian army. According to the local media, it is worth 250 million euros, over 6.4 billion crowns. The ordered 897 all-wheel drive CF Military cars will replace the obsolete Unimog and Volvo trucks from the first half of the 1990s. DAF and Tatra will supply container carriers, trucks with tipping trucks and also with bodies equipped with cranes.

The CF Military type is based on the Tatra Phoenix family. The chassis will be supplied by the Kopřivnice company, the cabs mainly by DAF and Paccar engines.

The expansion of the Tatra concept can continue in Belgium, Germany, Norway and other countries. For example, the Belgian army’s strategic vision for 2030 envisages the replacement of the entire fleet of logistics vehicles. Between 2026 and 2030, heavy trucks are to be purchased for more than € 120 million.



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