Tatar sets an example like Hossa

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After a great gift, Tomáš Tatar repeated to the Danes that he did not want to be in the spotlight. He wants to be in the background, to lead by example. Three years ago at the World Championships in Košice, no one would have thought that a native of Dubnice would be a captain. The tugs had different names on their jerseys.

However, he came to Helsinki with the national team as a leader. After the worst season of his career in the New Jersey Devils, he worked hard in the first place. From the opening duel. Fans may have been cursing at the TVs for not scoring as much, but they had to see how many black robots he had taken away. In fights for the puck, in forcing, bcking and especially in the cabin.

Already by embracing Adam Sýkora at the end of the training, he showed that a man with a jersey on his jersey was coming. After the losses, he talked more to the young players. He joked when needed and struggled on ice performances, even though the points came slowly. In training, he collected pucks again to show the young guys that he was one of them. I guess he also showed the critical Vincent Lukáč why he makes millions in America.

After yesterday’s two decisive goals, he went the whole group. He struck at the right time and at turning points. He broke the tired Danes and slapped them, from which they did not remember until the last minute. Tatar didn’t have much to say after any of the matches. He always spoke humbly, trying to find answers on the ice, to lead by example. He was perfectly reminiscent of Marián Hoss, who gained the most respect for his leadership performance.

This is especially great for the youngest players in the team, who see NHL hockey players in Tatar and Martin Fehérváry. The one they want to play as soon as possible. Juraj Slafkovský is headed for the place of the draft unit. It is not for nothing that all the important men from the Montreal Canadiens leadership looked at him. The “buffet” form was not only Olympic, but also in Helsinki. After seven Beijing matches, the well-built wingman has three goals and six assists at the World Cup. He is by far the best player in our team.

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However, Craig Ramsay does not forget about Simon Nemc with every mention of Slafkovsky. The young defender was a bit in the shadow of his peer, but he was strongly reminded of the Danes by the scouts. He deserved yesterday’s great duel, which ended with a goal and three assists.

Already at the age of eighteen, he ranked with six points among the best that appeared among the defenders of a similar age at the World Championships. Only the legendary American Brian Leetch and the current Canadian star Aaron Ekblad achieved more at a similar age. Both were already nineteen. At eighteen, Jaromír Jágr did not score as many points as the Slovak youths.

However, the first thing is that the Slovaks achieved a sovereign victory over the Danes as a team. Advancing with a group full of teenagers to the quarterfinals of the World Cup is also expected in a weaker group. Ramsay’s charges have nothing to lose tomorrow and can fully enjoy the packed quarter-final ice gem in Tampere.

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