Tasks: Then new Airpods and Airpods Pro will be launched

Update (2021-06-30):

Kuo: “Airpods Pro 2” will be released next year

In 2022, we may see the next generation of Airpods Pro, this acclaimed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, writes Appleinsider.

Kuo does not mention any specific news that is expected in the headphones, but previous rumors have pointed to Apple being able to integrate more advanced motion sensors in the Airpods Pro.

Kuo mentions in the same vein that Apple’s strategy with two brands for headphones, Airpods and Beats, will become even more important in the future as Apple wants to reach more Android users with its Beats series.

– Airpods cost more, target Apple users, and try to provide innovation and an “ecosystem experience” for added value, says Kuo in the report. Beats are lower priced, targeting both Apple users and non-Apple users, and increasing deliveries or market share.

As previously reported, the “regular” version of Airpods is expected to be released later this fall.

Update (2021-06-24):

Tasks: The third generation Airpods will be released later this year

As expected, no new version of Airpods or Airpods Pro was shown at WWDC in early June.

Now comes new information that at least seven of Apple’s various subcontractors to the Airpods series are preparing to start manufacturing a new, third-generation Airpods, reports Digitimes via Macrumors. No information about Airpods Pro is mentioned this time.

This is in line with previous information from Bloomberg that we can expect a third generation Airpods later this year.

In that case, it will be the first time since March 2019 that Airpods is updated, when generation two came with an H1 chip, longer talk time and support for “Hi Siri”.

Update (2021-05-28):

The launch will take a while longer

If we are allowed to believe Bloombergs Apple-expert Mark Gurman it will probably take a while before we get to see the third generation Airpods out in the stores, in other words we can not expect them to be presented already at the WWDC event on June 7.

As for the second-generation Airpods Pro, the launch is said to be delayed until next year. In addition to new motion sensors, there may be talk of skipping the shafts altogether, a design that Beats Studio Buds looks to be the first to join.

No new model of Airpods Max seems to be relevant, but possibly Apple can invest in new colors to increase sales.

Previously (2021-03-14):

More pictures are said to show the next generation of Airpods

Even more images have emerged of what is claimed to be the next generation of Airpods. The pictures have been published by the site 52audio and shows a design that is very reminiscent of today’s Airpods Pro, but without the silicone tops.

Photo: 52audio

The shaft is slightly longer than on the Airpods Pro, but significantly shorter than today’s Airpods.


This is what the new model of Airpods looks like

The site Gizmochina has published pictures that are said to show what the third generation Airpods and the associated charging case look like. Compared to the current model, the shafts will be shorter, otherwise they will be more similar to Airpods Pro in appearance.

Airpods 3
Photo: Gizmochina

Some features that previously only existed in Airpods Pro are likely to be relevant for third-generation Airpods, but do not count on support for transparency and active noise reduction.

The price will probably be on a par with the second generation Airpods, but there can of course be talk of a certain currency adjustment for Sweden.



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