Tasikmalaya Polres Launches Corruption-Free Integrity Zone

Tasikmalaya Polres Launches Corruption-Free Integrity Zone
The Head of the Tasikmalaya Police when signing the Declaration of the Declaration of the Development of a Corruption-Free Integrity Zone, in the Tasikmalaya Police Environment, Tuesday (6/4/2021). Photo: Apip / HR

Tasikmalaya News, (harapanrakyat.com), – Polres Tasikmalaya, West Java, is determined to create a corruption-free area in its jurisdiction, by declaring the Development of an Integrity Zone.

This was said by the Tasikmalaya Police Chief AKBP Rimsyahtono, when Declaring the Declaration of the Development of an Integrity Zone in the Tasikmalaya Police Environment, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

“The declaration of this integrity zone is our commitment. That we are ready to carry out good services free from extortion, no KKN (Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism), “he said at the Tasikmalaya Police Citizen Meeting building.

Apart from the Head of the Tasikmalaya Police, the Regent of Tasikmalaya, who was represented by Asda III, H Iim Aminudin and other invited guests, attended the declaration.

AKBP Rimsyahtono further added that in carrying out services to the community, his party had no longer KKN and no more extortion.

“Friends of the media can also supervise and can also support or correct and can provide advice to us. Including the community can also supervise directly, “he said.

Meanwhile, KH Edend Zaenal Abidin, Chairman of the Tasikmalaya Religious Harmony Forum, said that as a community, he would like to thank the Tasikmalaya Police Chief and his staff.

“They have the intention to make the Tasikmalaya region free of corruption,” said Edend.

According to him, that is the hope of all residents. Moreover, he continued, this goal is to protect the entire Indonesian nation.

“If the bureaucracy is not clean and does not serve, let alone corruption, these will be things we do not want,” he said.

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He also hopes that the Chief of Police’s intention will come true. “So, Tasikmalaya Regency can become a truly corruption-free area. Besides that, the bureaucracy is also clean and always serves the community well, “he hoped. (Apip/R5/HR-Online)

Editor: Adi Karyanto

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