Tarot predictions May 2, 2022: Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini and Taurus respect the opinions of others

Maybe you can be said to be a creative person in terms of proposing something. However, the team should not be selfish.

You need to accept the opinion of friends, because friends also have the right to take part in a project that will be made.

So break down your ego and start respecting other people’s opinions.

Rest assured the work will be much easier if done together.

Tarot Cards: Three Swords

Good things will come, Capricorn. Friends make work easy.

You have many reasons to include other people in the project now.

Sharing experiences. It’s a way to form lasting memories.

Tarot Cards: King of the Sword

Aim for clarity, Scorpio. Your mind is meant to develop and grow.

The lessons learned can be difficult, but it is a growing process.

Consider this sign of pain, becoming higher for wisdom and stronger in truth.

Tarot cards: Judgment

think for yourself, Gemini. You are open-minded but sometimes overly respectful of other people’s ideas.

God will not tell you what to do through someone else.

The whole universe was created in such a way, to have life straight from your inner source.

Tarot cards: Star, upside down

God is not silent, Taurus. Sometimes the universe stops talking, because what has been said needs to be heard as it is, not repeated.

You probably already know what the answer is. Listen to your heart.***

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