Tarn: An episode of industrial snow was observed in Castres this Friday

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Industrial snow, also called “urban snow” or “pollution”, was observed on Friday 14 January in Castres in the Tarn.

This Friday morning, January 14, industrial snow was observed near Castres in the Tarn as reported The weather channel. A phenomenon well known to the populations living in areas that emit fine particles.

But how does such a phenomenon occur? “In calm and anticyclonic weather, (…) some agglomerations experience particle pollution peaks,” our colleagues explain. “These particles stagnate at low altitudes (…) and then form condensation nuclei, which reach their freezing point with the cold. The water vapor naturally present in the air, combined with that which is rejected by certain industries, condenses on the polluting particles and freezes, gradually forming small snow crystals which fall back giving a thin film to the ground”.

The same phenomenon was observed in the Saône valley between Lyon and Mâcon at the end of the night and the beginning of the morning on Friday.

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