Tardets needs to improve his progress

It is true that seeing Zibero in National 1 is a prodigy. A miracle that no one expected to witness one day. Despite this, one third of the competition is now time for the first evaluations. And one of them falls without the possibility of being called into question: the “little” Zibero takes his place perfectly. He has never been ridiculous and creates a lot of problems for all his opponents. Clearly, this Tardets 2022-2023 is totally in his place at this level. But for now, the win counter is stuck on one unit. A successful counter that could perfectly be multiplied by three right now. The Souletins saw the residents of Billérois and Montpellier join them at the last second during the fifth and eighth days.

Cars under pressure

Nothing would be worse than having regrets on the morning of May 21st. However, the start of Zibero’s season scares such a scenario. For this, the new block that begins must be that of the validation of the progress of this group and the harvest of the fruits that it sows with its work. Starting with this journey to the red lantern, Bagnols. “When we say we’re totally focused on ourselves, believe me, we’re not exaggerating,” continues Etchandy. Of course we look at the ranking, like everyone else, but that of the others does not interest us. We take each game one after the other, regardless of this parameter. “

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