Tarasova provided the star of figure skating with “doping”

Alexei Yagudin did not expect this from the coach.

Tatyana Tarasova once decided to revive Alexei Yagudin’s quadruple jump and applied a radical remedy. She called her department, gave him a pill and insisted she take it.

As an obedient student, Alexei Yagudin followed the coach’s instructions. The effect was not long in coming, only the “doping” turned out to be a completely harmless vitamin. True, the athlete learned about this after the amazing elements that he performed with ease.

“I felt like the Hulk. After 15 minutes, I reset the quadruple jump. I broke my hand at that time, I performed at the World Cup with a lanette. I say: “Where did you get that?”, And she says: “Are you an idiot, Lesh? It’s just a vitamin”. That was the approach. It was a placebo. I have never seen or heard of doping in our figure skating, ”the famous skater shared with YouTube channel TV FAMETIME.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Sergey Vodyanitsky

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