Tania Bambaci and Leonardo, girlfriend and son Samuel Peron/ “The greatest emotion…”

Tania Bambaci and Leonardo: the great loves of Samuel Peron

Historian of Dancing with the Stars and cast member of the stable affections of Today is another day, Samuel Perón for a few weeks he has experienced the greatest emotion of his life. The birth of his son Leonardo, fruit of his love for him with his historical girlfriend Tania Bambaci, he filled the heart of the dancer with love who recounted his strong emotions in an interview given to the microphones of the weekly DiPiùTv.

When Leonardo was born I was in the delivery room with Tania, they were the most exciting minutes of my life” Samuel said. “I asked the midwives to play Frank Sinatra’s music because I wanted his voice to welcome my baby and the midwives agreed.” added Peron who revealed the great similarity between his son Leonardo and his girlfriend Tania adding that he is very lucky because Leonardo is a very good boy who “he eats and sleeps, he hardly ever cries and on the rare occasions he calms down as soon as I take him in my arms”.

Tania Bambaci and the birth of Leonardo: the joy of the family of Dancing with the stars

dancing with the Stars it is a real family and the birth of Leonardo that totally changed the life of Tania Bambaci and Samuel Peron it excited all the people who work on the Raiuno program, first and foremost Milly Carlucci. The birth of Leonardo was welcomed “with great joy. I’ve been in this program for 17 editions. I remember the great expectation and then the happiness when in the past my friends and colleagues from Ballando became parents and now it was my turn”. Peron said.

The first to embrace Samuel, as soon as he arrived in the Dancing with the Stars studio, was Milly Carlucci and then Iva Zanicchi who considers little Leonardo a grandchild.


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