Tania Ayu Regarding Prostitution of TA Artists to Desta Sindir People Showing Sacrificial Animals

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1. TA artist prostitution is crazy with a price of Rp. 30 million, this is Tania Ayu’s response

The case of online prostitution that dragged the artist with the initials TA re-emerged. Since the beginning of this case, the artist Tania Ayu has been called TA, who has the status of a witness.

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2. His face is insulted like a broken street, this man’s transformation makes him feel inferior

A man named Muhammad Mustakim Abdul Mohd Zaki shared his experience of being bullied because of his face.

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3. Adik Gading Marten Admits to Looking for Lisa BLACKPINIK, Netizen: Halu!

Gibran Marten is one of the celebrities who are worried about the extension of the emergency PPKM. But the unrest did not last long, Gibran actually uploaded a photo with a woman who he acknowledged as a girlfriend.

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4. Glenca Chysara Shows Off Moments with Parents, Dad’s Handsome Face Steals Attention

Glenca Chysara, who is famous for starring in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, rarely exposes her family. It was only at the moment of his 26th birthday that Glenca showed off her two parents.

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5. Desta’s response to people who ‘show off’ Jumbo-sized Sacrificial Cow

Desta commented on public figures who sacrificed and showed their sacrificial animals in jumbo size.

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