Tanguy Ndombele gets smashed in England!

With José Mourinho, it passes or it breaks. If he has you right, you will be protected and praised. Otherwise, beware of smashing media outings. Tanguy Ndombele paid the price last Saturday, after the draw conceded by Tottenham in Burnley (1-1). Released at half-time by Mourinho, the former Lyonnais, recruited for € 60 million, was massacred by his coach.

“In the first half we had no middle ground. There’s something more important than tactics, it’s having circles that want the ball, that press, that recover the ball, that win duels, and we didn’t have that. Obviously, I’m not talking about Skipp, because he’s a 19 year old kid who played two hours a few days ago “, he said, adding later: “Tanguy has had enough time now to reach another level”. A final judgment?

Carragher and Eriksson are having a blast

Already criticized by Special One for his physical fragility which prevented him from chaining the matches, the 23-year-old French midfielder is playing less and less and is therefore slow to convince. And it’s not just José Mourinho… On Sky Sports, consultant Jamie Carragher supported the words of the Portuguese coach. “Mourinho’s criticisms are justified. The debate is whether to do it publicly or privately. (…) His performance was shameful with regard to his work without a ball. With the ball it was very good, but without it it was incredible. When you watch him on a match, he very rarely loses the ball. But he didn’t have a single sprint in 45 minutes! (…) He only seemed to be walking while waiting for the balloon not to get too far from him. He likes to tell others what to do. But he hid and forced the central defenders to clear away and lose possession. (…) He’s not a € 60m player! “

Indeed, Ndombele did not deliver a single sprint, only Spur in this case during the first 45 minutes and his running speed turned out to be the 10th of the team aligned that day. On the set of Sky Sports, after explaining that Mourinho shouldn’t have publicly attacked his player, former England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson added about Ndombele: “It was worse than I thought. It’s not for the Premier League. You have to run. If you don’t run, you don’t play in the Premier League, that’s the first rule. We can see that he is a great footballer with the ball, but if he does not add this essential notion to the Premier League, he will never become a player “. Here is Tanguy Ndombélé dressed for the next few weeks!

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