Tangmo Nida’s Instagram Has Been Detected Login in America, People Who Share Naked Photos Are Starting to Be Monitored

GORONTALO TERRACE – Someone who is logged in to the account Instagram Tangmo Nida has been detected in America.

People detected in America logged in account Instagram it is suspected to have spread photo naked Tangmo Nida.

Many netizens are cursing people who have spread photo naked Tangmo Nida that.

Netizens have even mentioned the names of the people who were detected logged in to the account Instagram Tangmo Nida that.

Reported by TerasGorontalo.com from KomChadLuek.net, netizens have found an account Instagram Tangmo Nida accessed by unknown persons on America and linking that person to the perpetrator who spread photo naked beautiful artist Thailand that.

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This case started from a Facebook account Tangmo Nida which is suddenly controlled by an unknown person and has even changed the name of the privately owned account.

The Facebook account started to make a scene by posting a lot of mysterious messages related to the death case Tangmo Nida.

The mysterious messages have contained images that have never been seen by many people who followed the case of the beautiful artist’s death.

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