Tangmo Nida’s Family Fears and Rejects Lawyer Who Says General, Mrs. Panida Prefers Money, Is It Right?

GORONTALO TERRACE – Appearance lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd to help unpack the case Dead Tangmo Nida rather rejected the mother Panida Siriyudthayothin.

Somehow, lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd who have good intentions to help uncover the mastermind behind Dead Tangmo Nidabut directly rejected sang Mother Panida.

Maybe a statement lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd who called the great man or general the mastermind behind kamtian Tangmo Nida be the reason Mother Panida to reject it (Rejected).

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If it’s true, family or the mother apparently afraid and don’t think anymore Dead Tangmo Nidait was proven by his rejection lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd.

Though, before lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd appeared to provide a response to the media, the Mother Panida mention if the child Tangmo Nida allegedly killed, even asked to be done autopsy again.

The autopsy was again carried out when the mother saw directly the wounds on the body or body Tangmo Nida. Until they are willing to cancel the planned funeral and ask for a corpse or body his son was frozen in the hospital.

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Figure lawyer Tum Sittra Biabangkerd which rejected Mother Panida this is a Celebrity lawyer.

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