Tangmo Nida was killed? These are the Causes of Bruises on the Face According to Indigo Children

GORONTALO TERRACE – Death case Tangmo Nida it’s not over yet, reason luka and bruises all over the body has not been revealed, the vision of one indigo child make it tight.

Tangmo Nida found floating on the Chao Phraya river with luka unnatural all over the body, vision indigo child related death case sang artis What a shock.

Autopsy on the body Tangmo Nida has been carried out twice, but investigators concluded that if luka and bruises all over the body artis created as a result of pure accident. This is different from vision indigo child from Bali named Gus Robin.

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According to insight indigo child, luka bruises in the face Tangmo Nida it was not caused by a pure accident as the investigators concluded.

But luka bruises in the face Tangmo Nida caused by a blunt object, namely a wine bottle.

Tangmo Nida accidentally hit with a wine bottle right in the face before he died until the impact caused luka bruises.

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Even when found, the eye part Tangmo Nida looks almost out of effect luka bruises in the face sang artis.

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