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The rainy season began to hit Indonesia, including Tangerang City. The Tangerang City Government through the Health Service (Dinkes) also appealed to the people of Tangerang City to be more concerned in implementing a clean and healthy living culture, in order to avoid various diseases of the rainy season. Especially in the prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

“Entering the rainy season, it is very synonymous with the types of coughs, colds and diarrhea. However, at this time the thing to watch out for and pay close attention to is dengue fever. Because the Extraordinary Events (KLB) have a higher potential,” said Dr Dini Anggraeni, Acting Head of the Health Office, Tangerang City, Wednesday (15/9/21).

He also explained that the prevention of dengue can be done with the 3M Plus movement. These include draining and brushing water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs and utilizing or recycling used goods.

“While the plus is preventing mosquito bites and breeding. Starting from keeping fish that eat mosquito larvae, not hanging used clothes, using mosquito repellent, installing wire netting on windows or ventilation and working together to clean the environment,” said Dr Dini.

Dr. Dini said, the Tangerang City Health Service had appealed to 38 Puskesmas and all hospitals in Tangerang City not to be careless with dengue fever in addition to handling COVID-19. Likewise, the availability of medicines in the treatment of a number of diseases in the rainy season has also been confirmed.

“Puskesmas are the foremost public health services to keep running other health programs. One of them is the larva monitoring officer (Jumantik) together with regional cadres, to remind and carry out direct inspections of the feasibility of community water reservoirs,” he said.

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