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It is worth noting that due to the unfinished cycle of interest rate hikes, the fixed deposit rate has the opportunity to rise again.

Hong Kong stocks can’t help but feel weak. It is clear that Wanjiu has transformed into Wanqi in the blink of an eye and one has the pleasure of continuing to search for the bottom. There is no choice but to develop high visibility investments.

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Guarantee and enjoy a certain return

It recently turned into a KOL fixed deposit and opened the first fixed deposit of its life, in order to have a certain rate of return in case of capital preservation. Under the gradual rate hike by the Reserve Bank, Hong Kong finally raised the Prime Rate (P), before then the Interbank Offered Rate (H) has increased significantly and the fixed deposit rate has also become attractive . For the bank I helped, the Hong Kong dollar 3-month term deposit rate was 2.9% mid-month and 3.2% for 6. Given the current turbulent market conditions, those yields are indeed interesting.

It is worth noting that due to the unfinished cycle of rising interest rates, the fixed interest rate on deposits may rise again, so when a term opens, it is better to commit 3 months and you may enjoy higher interest at the deadline, and can even increase flexibility Kill two birds with one stone. I’ve also been looking for more serious packages recently – if I find any, I’ll share it with you on Facebook and YouTube programs and do my part in KOL’s regular repository. Of course, if you have any new information, you are also welcome in the inbox for information and brainstorming.

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