Tamara Globa predicted career changes for two zodiac signs in December

Representatives of the earth sign at work will have a dual situation. Your colleagues will go against the leadership, wanting to defend their position. Virgos will be faced with a choice: to maintain a microclimate in the team or risk opposing the boss. Tamara Globa advises representatives of the sign to listen only to their intuition and not succumb to the tricks of the crowd. Before the New Year, layoffs at work may begin in order not to get into the list of objectionables, Virgos should become more decisive.

At the end of the year, the representatives of the fire sign will leave their unloved job. And the decision will come at the most unexpected moment. Tamara Globa advises not to cut the shoulder. Before you throw a resignation letter to your boss on the table, you should at least begin to study the labor market. If she burns ties right now, you risk finding yourself in a difficult situation without work and money.

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