Tamara Falcó to Spend €30,000 on 16-Day Fasting Program to Lose 10 Kilos for Her Wedding

The chapter of Tamara Falcó wedding dress burns. Then force the break with the Basque designers Sophie et Voilà and end up begging the friend Carolina Herrera that the wedding on July 8 saved him, now there is another setback than anguish. He weight The marchioness would have taken some kilos that they have modified their figure and now is a bad time, with the bodorrio just around the corner. It is not the first time that something similar has happened to him, he has a history of thyroid problems. He treated them and, in addition, he submitted to a plan to slim down in a specialized and luxury center in Marbella. A VIPS clinic desperate to lose kilos: the physical ones, but also the economic ones.

Being a Buchinger patient are big words. The list of celebrites that have passed through his hands is extensive, from Sean Connery to Isabel Sartorius or, of course, Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa. The magazine ‘Semana’ advances Tamara’s intentions to return to hospital for 21 days, three weeks, and leave there with 10 kilos less. The objective has a price: €30,000. It goes out to 3,000 per kilo, like caviar. For this fortune, yes, she will live like a queen. Famished, but queen. To shine you have to suffer.


Tamara Falcó in 2020 / GTRES


Tamara Falcó in 2023 / GTRES

Tamara Falcó, 16 days without solid food to lose 10 kilos

This price is for accommodation in the premium option, a luxury villa called Villa María, “with four types of rooms, ‘suite’ with terrace, hydromassage bath and sea views“. Later, in the common areas, you can enjoy “24-hour medical and nursing care, library, gym, gardens with an ecological vegetable garden, a sauna, a cinema or yoga room and a heated pool, Tai Chi and meditation.n”. Fantasy. The thing is keep her busyso that he would go hungry. And we all know that passing it alters a lot. Of the 21 days of stay, 16 will be fasting. Intake will be extremely limited, solids will disappear, and the daily total will often be close to 250 calories. A savage. Normal that you have doctors 24 hours a day, in case you get a patatus. your life will be “infusions, freshly squeezed natural juices, mineral water and freshly prepared vegetable broths”.

The wild treatment plus a stay in a luxury villa, €30,000

The fasting method is not the only option, but it is the most effective for Tamara’s needs. In all of them it is totally prohibited “drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugar“. Before Calvary you will have a day of adaptation or purgecon “light diet to promote fluid elimination and laxative sales“. Finished hell will come the 4 day refit with “a special menu in which solid foods are gradually introduced. They usually include foods such as vegetable pie or endive leaves, very low-calorie dishes that in turn can be diuretics“Wow, you will spend a lot of time in the sink. Before, during and after. Like gastroenteritis. Solid gold, yes.

Inigo Onieva / GTRES

Tamara gets “a plan”. At high speed. One last note: Íñigo Onieva has 21 days “of Rodríguez” that have rained down from heaven. Alert.

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