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Tallinn will support the purchase of bicycles for school-aged children

Tallinn municipality starts accepting applications for grants on Monday to help finance the purchase of bicycles for school-age children.

A one-time grant of up to 100 euros will be available for the purchase of a bicycle for ten to 15-year-old children who obtained a bicycle driver’s license this year and live in Tallinn, the municipality informed.

The purpose of the grant is to promote obtaining a bicycle driver’s license by increasing children’s awareness of safe cycling and developing safe cycling habits. Also, with a grant, the Tallinn municipality wants to increase the share of cycling in children’s travel habits, promote a healthy lifestyle and safe movement.

Traffic jams will decrease in the city, air quality will improve and residents will develop healthier travel habits, Tallinn Vice Mayor Jozeps Vimms stated, adding that the grant will be an incentive for parents to ensure that their child has a bicycle driver’s license.

He said that the goal of the municipality is to achieve that in a few years a quarter of trips between school and home are made on a bicycle.

100,000 euros have been set aside for this purpose in the budget of the Tallinn municipality, which would allow support in the purchase of 1,000 children’s bicycles. Also, this year, 1.5 million euros have been allocated in Tallinn’s budget to improve the safety of bicycle infrastructure near schools, and work on the creation of new bicycle parking spaces continues.

Tallinn’s bicycle strategy for 2018-2027 provides that the share of bicycles in the total traffic structure should reach 11%, and a quarter of students should ride a bicycle between home and school.

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