Talking nonsense: Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna bought the Canout theater after earning an exorbitant amount in their shows | show business

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, hosts of “Hablando huevadas”, continue to accumulate successes and receive the support of their fans despite the questionable episodes they have starred in.

Magaly Medinain his program, criticized the attitude of Ricardo Mendoza and called him arrogant for despising the conduct of “This is war.” For this reason, the presenter of “Hablando huevadas” has become the target of criticism from many users, who regretted that the young man does not appreciate the opportunity to belong to the most watched program on Peruvian television.

In this sense, the ‘Urraca’ assured that, a few years ago, the controversial presenter of this space would have been happy to be summoned for “EEG”. However, despite this and all the controversies that Mendoza and his duo, Jorge Luna, have had, they have not lost their fans and continue to give them their full support.

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna bought the Canout Theater

As is known, “Talking nonsense” He performs his live shows at the Canout Theater, a place owned by its hosts Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, thanks to the success of their shows. As reported by the Noxinfluencer portal, the tickets to see them vary in price, from S/70the most basic, up to the S/420the most expensive.

Therefore, it was mentioned thatTalking nonsense” I would be billing approximately monthly 154,000 dollars (600,000 soles).

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna are the hosts of “Hablando huevadas”. Photo: Instagram

How many subscribers does the program “Hablando huevadas” have?

Despite all the criticism that the drivers of “Talking balls” have received for the type of content they show in their program, this space has more and more followers. To date, they have more than two million subscribers.

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