Talk about the Prime Minister ‘Big Tu’ that is strong, Thammanat, is it better to be Prime Minister?

20 Feb ’16 – It was reported that from the voting results, no individual trust in the minister. It turns out that the scores of Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health It had a score of 275, the highest of the 10 ministers discussed. While the score of Lt. Thammanat Prompao, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives received 274 points equal to Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. And leader of the Pracharat Party, but more than 272 votes, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha

The reporter reported that After the resolution is finished The Prime Minister spoke with several ministers. To the results that came out By actually saying that “If Lt. Thammanat Got this much score Is it better to be Prime Minister? “Which has repeatedly said And at the same time that Lt. Thammanat walked in, the Prime Minister said to him that “If the score is this large, it will be better to be the prime minister,” he told other ministers that Who will score more will be less, do not go much Continue to work

News reports from the Palang Pracharat Party (NACC) informed that many MPs in the party The NACC was uncomfortable, seeing that Lt. Thammanat did not do it properly because Gen Prayut Is the commander that Lt. Thammanat is assigned to view the vote in this council. But proceed to give yourself more points than others to survive. Especially the Prime Minister It’s no different from making the Prime Minister lose face. Therefore it is not appropriate May make adults in the government feel bad about Lt. Thammanat After this As for Mr. Anutin’s score that received the most It is believed that the Prime Minister understands that it is the gathering of voices of the Bhumjaithai Party himself. That gathered the voice of MPs from the party stepping forward to support


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