Taliban named country as Afghanistan’s main partner / GORDON

China is the main partner because it is ready to invest in Afghanistan. Mujahid noted that cooperation with China “will revive the ancient Silk Road.”

A militant spokesman said he hoped China would help rebuild Afghanistan’s mining industry. In particular, we are talking about Afghan copper mines that can be modernized, said a Taliban spokesman.

China represents “Afghanistan’s gateway to markets around the world,” he added.

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Wu Jianghao spoke on the phone September 2 with the deputy director of the Afghan Taliban political office in Qatar, Abdula Salam Hanafi, the newspaper wrote. South China Morning Post.

The Chinese diplomat noted that Beijing will maintain diplomatic relations with the new regime and will maintain its embassy in Afghanistan. Another Chinese Foreign Ministry official, Wang Wenbin, said he hoped that an open political structure would be established in Afghanistan and moderate politics would be restored.


The security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated amid the withdrawal of US troops, which started in April 2021 year. By August 15, the Taliban had taken control of virtually the entire country. including the capital Kabul… Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad on the same day.

Against the backdrop of the Taliban offensive, foreign states began to evacuate their citizens. Several countries (including USA, France, Germany, Great Britain) sent their troops to Afghanistan to ensure the safety of the evacuation.

According to US President Joe Biden, the States have evacuated or helped other countries evacuate more than 120 thousand people from Afghanistan, 100 thousand of them are Afghans. Great Britain evacuated 15 thousand people, notes BBC.

The Taliban said they would not attack US troops. but the militants set a deadline for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan – until August 31. The United States completed the evacuation and withdrawal of its troops shortly before this date.

On August 30, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution in which urged the Taliban to secure passage for people wishing to leave Afghanistan, allow humanitarian organizations to enter the country and protect human rights.



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