Taliban banning sports for women

Women in Afghanistan are very fond of playing cricket.

Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or engage in any sport where their faces and figures are visible, a Taliban spokesman said.

Women in Afghanistan, including female athletes from national teams, will not be able to play sports. This was stated by the deputy head of the Taliban Commission on Culture Ahmadullah Wasik in an interview with the Australian SBS News, unveiled on Wednesday, September 8th.

“I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket, because women don’t have to play cricket. In cricket, they may face a situation in which their faces and bodies are not covered. Islam does not allow women to appear like this. photos and videos will appear in the media and people will watch them. Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or engage in any sport where their faces and figures are visible, “Vasik said.

He also noted that Islam allows women to go out only when necessary, and sport is not a necessity.

It is indicated that such a position of the Taliban jeopardizes the possibility of even holding a match between the Afghan men’s cricket team against the Australian national team, for which Wasik gave permission earlier this month. According to the rules established by the International Cricket Council (ICC), all 12 members of the organization must have both a women’s and a men’s team if they want to hold such meetings.

Wasik said the Taliban would not compromise on this issue and would not “betray Islamic values,” even if it would lead to problems with the organization of matches.

Australian Sports Minister Richard Colbeck called the Taliban’s decision alarming and called on the ICC to take action. “Banning women from sports at any level is unacceptable,” said Kolbeck.

At the moment, cricket is the most popular sport in Afghanistan. Last November, 25 female athletes signed contracts with the Afghan Cricket Council, but after the Taliban took Kabul in August, most of the players left the country.

Earlier it was reported that the Taliban ordered women studying at private universities and colleges to wear niqab during class – Muslim headdress covering the face with a cut-out for the eyes.

It also became known that in Afghanistan the burqa has risen in price tenfoldWomen have been forced to spend hours in lines to buy this wardrobe item since the Taliban came to power.

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