Take-Two CEO defends higher prices for games for next-gen consoles – Gaming – News

It seems a false story because companies do not base their prices on cost. A good game is a uniquely heterogeneous product, and it costs what people are willing to pay for it at any given time. That depends on reputation and the attractiveness of the game. If you make a game that is thirteen in a dozen, it is not about the cost price but what the competition asks for (general price level). For prices of good games, this is also a psychological reference for the buyer.

Therefore, this is mainly a call to other developers to raise prices (general price level) to make game development more profitable. That is not necessarily to the detriment of consumers if profit margins are indeed low, as it allows for better, more comprehensive, nicer, “cleaner” games.

You can see micro transactions as an improper way to knock some extra money out of the gamer’s pocket, but it could also be that game margins are now so low that developers are almost obliged to grab them. See the same with printers whose margin has become so low that the entire profit comes from the ink cartridges.

We live in a greed-driven society, but that greed is not only found in the producers, but also in many consumers who actually want to be in the first rank for a dime and want the quality of one product and the price of another. Then you force manufacturers to take all kinds of side roads. And if they are also commercially successful, others will follow, and we will then be hung up on them. If the consumer does not want this, then they should ignore games with micro-transactions en masse and show willingness to pay more for games without. If they don’t, they are generally victims of their own greed.

Incidentally, that is not because people are by nature a great egoist, but because our rulers force us to live in a system in which egoism is central and rewarded everywhere. This is again because our rulers themselves are driven by irrepressible greed. Economic growth is all about more, more, more. Even though we see that we are going to ruin, the sick spirits that guide us cannot get rid of it. After all, they thrive best in this environment in which mutual strife fuels selfishness and selfishness fights again.

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