“Take me out and be your servant.” A Syrian girl watched as she protected her sister under the rubble and asked for their rescue

Video shows a little girl protecting her younger sister as rescuers try to pull them out from the rubble in a small village in the Harem district of Syria, which was affected by the earthquake.

The child that the rescuers are talking to is called Maryam, while her younger sister, Alaa, according to the rescuers, is awake, but not a word is heard from her in front of the camera.

In another video, the rescue operation is taking place as a person with his hand above his head waits for the children to be rescued. He heard the rescue men saying to Mary: “You are strong,” while she was saying to one of the rescuers: “Just let me do everything you want, I am your servant.”

In a later video, Maryam is seen being carried out of the rubble of the dilapidated house with people cheering for her removal.

The children’s father, Mustafa Zuhair Al-Sayed, told CNN that he has 3 children, Maryam, Alaa, and Zuhair Al-Sayed.

According to the “White Helmets” group, officially known as the Syrian Civil Defense, the rescue operation took place on Tuesday around 4:30 pm Syrian local time.

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