Take a peek at the advantages of the realme 10 Pro Series 5G screen

Jakarta (ANTARA) – On January 10, a mobile phone brand from China, Realme, launched smartphone the middle class, namely the 10 Pro Series 5G realm with specifications that were previously only in class flagshipincluding the matter of screen technology.

Marketing Director of the Indonesian realm Michonne Wang through an official statement received by ANTARA in Jakarta on Saturday said screen technology leap forward the latest pinned on smartphone The latest realm managed to set high standards in the industry in early 2023.

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“We believe that with a quality screen, all the content presented will look pleasing to the eye, which in turn will provide a premium and new experience that was previously not found by users in this segment. mid range this,” said Michonne Wang.

realme 10 Pro+ 5G

realme rejects the notion that a perfect screen can only be found on smartphone class flagship by presenting a curved premium AMOLED 120Hz Curved Vision screen on realme 10 Pro+ 5G.

Not just curved, the screen has also been optimized to provide the best user experience. After 16 months of research and 26 model iterations, realme found that 61 degrees is the number that produces the fewest touch errors and the lowest distortion, feels the most comfortable in the hand, and looks the most visually stunning on curved displays.

To create a better full-screen viewing experience, realme uses the most advanced packaging technology in the industry called COP (Chip On Pi), and optimize it.

Compared to COF (Chip On Film) and COG (Chip On Glass), COP directly bends the soft part of the AMOLED screen backwards, further reducing the bezel size and achieving a close visual effect bezel-less.

In the application process, realme uses COP Ultra technology which is an improvement based on optimizing the traditional COP process, making the bottom bezel of realme 10 Pro+ thinner than ever. realme managed to cut the size of the bottom bezel of the screen to just 2.33 mm.

In comparison, one of the curved screens on smartphone flagship another top has a bottom bezel size of 2.6 mm.

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realme 10 Pro 5G

On the other hand, smartphone realme 10 Pro 5G uses a 120Hz flat screen panel Boundless Display with a screen-to-body ratio of 93.76 percent and super-thin bezels of 1mm.

This is achieved through a very innovative breakthrough series called RAZR technology which consists of three advanced technologies namely Active Antenna Switching, TopNotch Display Technology, and InSeal Technology.

RAZR technology is the process of unifying the screen with the body smartphone the classiest thing realme has ever done. Through a combination of these technologies, Realme 10 Pro 5G is able to present a distraction-free screen from a thick bezel.

With TopNotch Technology, Realme also integrates a light sensor at the top of the bezel, thus providing a wider screen display and pleasing the eyes of its users in consuming various multimedia content to playing games. game.

realme 10 Pro Series 5G which is now widely available in Indonesia. Available in a choice of colors Hyperspace and Dark Matter, smartphone realme 10 Pro+ 5G can be obtained from IDR 5,899,000.

Meanwhile, Realme 10 Pro 5G is available in a choice of colors Nebula Blue and Dark Matter, with selling prices starting from IDR 4,599,000.

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