“Tak Bongkot” makes a beautiful comeback, it means “Mia Luang” in the 5G era, ready to be spicy on December 14th.


series “My” with a new duster Modern interpretation according to the trend of the 5G era, beside and be the inspiration for female friends. Go through the marriage crisis with awareness and strong thinking in the unmistakable style of CHANGE 2018. This new interpretation will bring fans of the series to experience the story of Doctor Wikanda mine but had to be harassed by women

Dr. Anirut’s husband has always been and believes that having many women will make him superior to his wife. But Dr. Vikanda doesn’t let emotions and feelings ruin his life. use your brain to fight Believe that no matter how much women love, it is important for people to love themselves and love their dignity with the concept. The state that has been “correctly” and “hissed” that it will never end “love” does not choose people, does not choose time, or… “people” who do not choose!

which is the highlight of the series “My” Full of production and intensity from professional directors. And the power of “Tak Bongkot” coming back to accept the show again must be extraordinary. It combines superior chemistry with The hot male lead “New Wongsakorn” together with a new wave of hotness that is worth watching. “Pim Pimprapa” Former sweet girl, member of Kamikaze fights the path of new performances. strong and ready to awaken “Incoming” Let’s get the town talking. Along with a team of highly skilled foot-stamping actors, such as “Art Phasut, Kratip-Chawankon, Sani-Nipaporn, Tai-Chutima and the two hot new generations of the era “Janis Janista” and “Yada Nari Laya” complete quality

Recently, WeTV would like to release an official poster with the image of Queen Mia Luang “Tak Bongkot” sitting in the center. with marriage certificate creates quite a stir with social media with the announcement of the broadcast date The first episode is Wednesday, December 14, via https://bit.ly/TheWIFE Watch continuously every Wednesday-Thursday evening at 8pm on the WeTV application or https://wetv.vip/th alone!

Speak clearly, organize each episode, follow a www.thairath.co.th/novel and Facebook Fan Pages: Rath Thai fiction

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