Taiwan’s Instant Noodles: A Beloved Culinary Export

Taiwan’s Instant Noodles: A Beloved Culinary Export

2023-09-21 11:25 United News Network comprehensive report Taiwan’s instant noodles are loved abroad. Schematic diagram/ingimage

“I’ve been eating this like crazy lately and I’m in love with it!” Japanese Internet celebrity “Yohei Akiyama” posted a photo on Facebook a few days ago. If you look closely, you can see that it’s the uniform dried pork noodles that Taiwanese are very familiar with. How to eat dry noodles A half-boiled egg made netizens hungry and exclaimed: “You really know how to eat!”

Akiyama Yaohei recently appeared in FanzhongPost a photo, said that I have been eating this meat-dried noodles like crazy recently. I don’t like soup, so I want dry noodles with eggs. He also said that even though a pack in Tokyo costs 200 yen (about NT$43), which is much more expensive than Taiwan’s 13 yuan, he still can’t put it down. Akiyama Yaohei also added that the noodles in the photo are for two people, so the bowl looks larger.

Netizens have said, “You really know how to eat dry”, “The unified beef noodles are also super delicious when mixed with dry noodles”, “Just add half of the powder packet, otherwise it will be too salty”, “Eat it often at the end of the month”, “Add egg is the essence ”, “Taiwanese instant noodles, Japanese way of eating, great”.

Other people also commented on their favorite ways to eat it, such as “Add finely shredded cucumber”, “Pour it out with cold water once, it seems to be a little softer”, “Don’t soak the noodles in water, just crush them in the bag, add seasoning packets and oil packets and shake. Shake it, it’s super delicious as a snack.” “You can add bean sprouts.” “It’s great to cook it in the spicy pot, mix it with seasonings and add vinegar.”

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Food leader Uni-President (1216) recently reported positive revenue, reaching 57.54 billion yuan in August, an annual increase of 18.2%, setting a record high. Benefiting from the strong performance during the Hungry Ghost Festival after the lockdown was lifted, instant noodles were selling well. Take its mass-market store Carrefour as an example. All instant noodle brands under the Uni-President brand have become the focus of display. Carrefour said that in July this year alone, the number one instant noodles seller was Uni-President Pork Noodles in bags, with 7.5 million bags sold.

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