Taiwanese YouTuber Reveals Being Sexually Harassed in Japan: Releases Evidence

Taiwanese YouTuber Reveals Being Sexually Harassed in Japan: Releases Evidence

Reporter Yerim Hwang, Money Today | 2023.08.17 21:42

A Taiwanese YouTuber with 730,000 subscribers revealed that he was sexually harassed on the street while traveling in Japan, and released a photo of a Japanese man taken at the time. On the way, it was revealed that she had been molested on the street.

On the 12th, brother and sister YouTubers ‘Nick & Ashley’, who are active in Taiwan, posted on their YouTube channel, ‘Help! I posted a video titled, ‘My sister was molested in Japan!’

In the video, Nick revealed that his younger sister, Ashley, was sexually assaulted by a Japanese man in front of Tsutenkaku, a popular tourist destination in Osaka, Japan on the 11th. According to Nick, the man approached Ashley as she posed for a picture of her, lifted her skirt and touched her body part with her hand. An angry Nick assaulted and shouted at the man, but the man was said to be laughing. Nick later said that the perpetrator calmly took his acquaintance in a taxi to see him off.

Nick and Ashley released photos taken at the scene of the crime as evidence. In the photo, the face of the man who was accused by the siblings and the taxi license plate of the man’s acquaintance were included.

Nick went to the Japanese police and reported the damage, but he said that communication was difficult because he was a foreigner. Nick said, “It took 3-4 hours to report and fill out the record,” and “when the perpetrator was already resting in bed, the victim could not do anything in sorrow and worry.” “The Japanese police said they couldn’t show us (the CCTV at the scene of the crime),” he said. ” said

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The video of brother and sister Nick & Ashley, which has 730,000 subscribers, has recorded more than 1.41 million views so far.

Previously, DJ Soda, a famous domestic influencer, also revealed that she was sexually harassed by a large number of audience members during a performance in Japan, and released photos taken at the time of the crime. DJ Soda said, “Today, I finished my performance at the Osaka Music Circus Festival in Japan, but I was so shocked that my hands are still shaking in fear.” ” said

[저작권자 @머니투데이, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

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