Taiwanese investment group Ji fu wants to join the Czech Republic. According to Babiš, she could pay for the construction of a new teaching hospital

“We also discussed how to administer the gift of five lines for the production of drapes so that they can start working as soon as possible,” Vystrčil added. Autoland Technology wants to donate the lines. The head of the Senate also informed the government representative about the possibility of investing in the Czech Republic, which the Taiwanese investment company is interested in.

“We have agreed that working groups will be created that will elaborate the individual opportunities in more detail,” said Vystrčil. One of the groups will be formed by Goláň with Senator Pavel Fischer (independent), Minister Havlíček and Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa. It will address issues related to economic issues, such as investment opportunities or the establishment of a bank branch.

The investment company Ji fu could pay for the construction of a university hospital in Prague

The details of the meeting were then uncovered by Senator Tomáš Goláň (SEN 21). According to him, the Taiwanese investment company Ji fu Investments, which operates in development projects, is ready to enter the Czech Republic.

According to Golan, the Ji fu group is a Taiwanese branch of Franklin Templeton. “They are ready to invest immediately in Eastern and Central Europe. They have already signed a memorandum for Hungary, where they already have some development projects, “he said.

According to him, the company creates development projects to order. According to Golan, a specific investor will say how big production or office space he needs, and Ji fu will build it. “They don’t do it like the developers in our country, that they build something and are just selling it out. They work to order by Taiwanese investors, “he noted.

He added that the investment group is ready to accept a state contract. According to Golán, this possibility fascinated Babiš, who mentioned the possibility of building a teaching hospital in Prague. The Taiwanese company would pay for its construction, and the state would then pay the costs to it in the long term in the form of a lease. In the past, the Prime Minister acknowledged the possibility that the state could build a new hospital in Letňany, Prague, to replace Na Bulovce Hospital.

Golan described the talks with the Prime Minister as constructive and now intends to discuss the details of the Taiwan offer with Minister Havlíček and Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for YES).

Babiš criticized the trip, but according to Vystrčil he was now interested

The chairman of the Senate, Vystrčil, described the fifty-minute meeting as very rational, and the Prime Minister shared his contribution on Twitter. “It seemed to me that the interest was not only feigned, but that it was real,” the Senate President remarked at the meeting. He added that there is still a long way to go to turn Taiwan opportunities into concrete projects. “I do not want to judge now whether it will work or not. It remains to be seen, “he added.

Babis Vystrcil repeatedly criticized him for his trip to Taiwan, and was not recommended to him by other constitutional officials. China, which considers Taiwan to be its rebellious province, has also sharply opposed it. On the contrary, Vystrčil found support in part of the opposition or in some European countries and the USA.

After the return of the senate delegation led by Vystrčil, the prime minister said that he would wait for the economic results of the trip to Taiwan. He hopes that China will not react negatively to Czech companies. He also promised that the government would support any business opportunities that Vystrcil brought from Taiwan.

She stood out for Taiwan and was accompanied by almost 40 representatives of medium-sized and smaller Czech companies. Analysts in connection with Taiwan are talking about a change in the so-called supply chains in China. Some companies, under the pressure of the trade war between China and the United States, also in connection with the coronavirus crisis, when many countries were dependent on imports of protective equipment from China, are moving their production to other parts of the world. According to them, the Czechia could thus gain multibillion-dollar investments.


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