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Taiwanese actress Weiqi Fan returns to the recording studio after a 4-year hiatus: “I am alive”

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Taiwanese actress Weiqi Fan (Fan Fan)’s career has been hit hard by a series of news, including the mask scandal in 2020 and her husband Chen Jianzhou (black) being involved in the #Metoo incident last year. In addition, she experienced the death of a family member during the period, and she fell into a low ebb. Yesterday (4th) Fan Fan updated her social platform and posted photos of recording in the recording studio. She wrote: “I came to life the moment I entered the recording studio for the first time in a long time and put on the headphones. It’s so magical and so grateful. , so comfortable, I miss it so much.” However, many netizens commented on the layout: “Come on Shaohan! Come on Daya!” “I hope Daya is alive too!” At the same time, there are also people who support Fan Fan: “Looking forward to your new works. ”, “I miss your singing”.

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