Taiwan stocks rose by 264 points to stand firm with 6,000 foreign capital covering three legal entities to jointly buy over 20.507 billion yuan | Anue

Without fear of U.S. stocks closing in the dark, Taiwan stocks staged a tail show today (3). It was reported that the first batch of AZ vaccines arrived at Taobao, which encouraged buying back. TSMC rose strongly by more than 2%. Weighted stocks started to attack, the final index rose 264 points, stood firm at 16,211 points, and recovered the 5-day line checkpoint, the three legal entities at the same site buyers, jointly bought more than 20.507 billion yuan, of which foreign capital covering 14.1 billion yuan.

Foreign investors have sold Taiwan stocks for nearly 200 billion yuan this year. Today, the continuous selling was terminated, and they bought 14.107 billion yuan in return; investment letter purchases exceeded 369 million yuan; self-employed merchants also ended 7 consecutive sales, with a cover of 6.03 billion yuan. The three major legal entities jointly bought a total of over 20.507 billion yuan.

US technology stocks suffered profit-taking pressure on Tuesday. TSMC’s ADR fell 2.4%, while UMC’s ADR plunged more than 6%. The spot spot of TSMC’s radio stock once fell to 601 yuan in early trading. Supported by the buy-in, it turned red in the intraday and closed the highest of 622 yuan, an increase of 2.13%, and its market value rose to above 16 trillion yuan; UMC once recovered in early trading. After testing the 50 yuan level, the decline converged in late trading and closed at 51.9 yuan.

Formosa Plastics Group stocks continued to play an important role in supporting the market. Formosa Plastics rose nearly 3% today, breaking through the 100 yuan barrier. Nanya and Formosa Chemicals both rose more than 1%, and Taiwan Poly, Yaju, Sinopec, etc. rose more than 2%, and they were listed as a whole The plastic stock index rose 2%, becoming an indicator of market popularity.

Hon Hai Research Institute held an information security forum today, and at the same time announced that the “New Energy/Electric Vehicle Industry Information Security Alliance” was officially formed. Hon Hai’s share price rose by more than 3%, and Hong Jiajun also returned to the arms of legal persons. Guangyu, Tianyu, and Yi Sheng-KY and Zhengda both rose more than half of the limit, and Hongzhun, Jianhan and Rongchuang all performed well.

The legal person pointed out that the international stock market has been volatile recently due to the rebound of the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia and OPEC’s possible increase in crude oil supply. However, the long-term trend of Taiwan stocks has not been destroyed. Even if the monthly and quarterly lines are tested, the long-term upward pattern will remain unchanged. Investors are advised to operate cautiously and avoid groups with excessive increases.

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