Taiwan Stocks Rise on Bullish Financial Reports and AI Concept Stocks

Huida (NVDA-US) The financial report has a bullish effect, and AI concept stocks are like a “yellow” robe. Taiwan stocks continued to rise by 131.25 points yesterday (29) to close at 16636.3 points, setting a new high since May 31, 2022. Foreign capital bought more than 27.569 billion yuan , the cumulative increase this year has reached 332.9 billion yuan, setting a new high in the past 9 years.The bullish atmosphere in Taiwan stocks continues, but we must pay attention to the short-term gains of weight stocks, and foreign capital yesterdaystageNet long orders decreased by more than 5,000 contracts. After the short-term enthusiasm, it is expected to take a break and high-end shocks.

TSMC (2330-TW) Although the stock price was suspended yesterday, the funds continued to ignite stock Wang Xinhua (5274-TW), Largan (3008-TW), Alchip-KY(3661-TW), Parade-KY (4966-TW) and creative (3443-TW) and other thousand gold stocks. Among them, Alchip-KY and Parade-KY closed at the daily limit.

Today’s market watch focus, Morgan Stanley Securities pointed out that TSMC’s financial forecast should have included Huida’s H100 GPU, so the short-term business movement will not change, but consider TSMC’s 2022-2025 earnings per share (EPS) compound annual growth rate 19%, TSMC’s risks and rewards are relatively attractive, reiterate the “outperform” rating, target price 680 yuan.

Huang Renxun, CEO of Huida, presented his latest supercomputer system “DGX GH200” in his speech at COMPUTEX yesterday, which is known as “the most powerful AI supercomputer on the earth”. Architecture to create a new server configuration, Taiwan and the United States each have a priority to ship, the United States is SuperMicro (SuperMicro), Taiwan is Quanta (2382-TW) Group grabs the top spot and seizes the latest and strongest AI business opportunities.

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Huida whirlwind is not only here, IC design factory MediaTek (2454-TW) held a product press conference yesterday, CEO Cai Lixing and Huang Renxun appeared at the same time, and officially announced the alliance between the two parties to enter the automotive market together.

In addition to Huida Lido, Hon Hai Group (2317-TW) received orders for vehicles, and reported that Tesla has won an order for electronic control units (ECUs) for vehicles, and will expand the shipment of electronic module products for vehicles, which will be produced at its Mexican plant. With Tesla’s big order in the bag, it is also an important milestone for Hon Hai Group’s North American layout, and the performance of Hon Hai’s stock price is worthy of attention.

On the whole, Taiwan stocks have jumped 100 points in the past three trading days. With the help of the three major legal persons’ overweight of Taiwan stocks in the past three trading days of 104.96 billion yuan,weighted indexIt has risen by 476 points in three days. It is expected that short-term gains may lead to increased volatility, but the pattern has not changed. Since May, the index has soared 1,057 points. The cumulative increase in May will challenge the record of 1,127 points in January this year.

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