Taiwan Stocks Fall Below Monthly Support, Risk of Further Decline Increases

Taiwan Stocks Fall Below Monthly Support, Risk of Further Decline Increases

Taiwan stocks fell 61 points yesterday (19th) to close at 16,636 points, falling below monthly support again.U.S. stocks closed in the red this morning as they waited to see the Fed’s decision-making meeting. In addition, todaystage periodThe settlement is linked to the Taiwan stock index. If the index fails to effectively stop the decline between the monthly line and the half-year line of 16,489 points, we must be careful to guard against the risk of further loosening of chips.

The three major legal persons sold more than 15.541 billion yuan yesterday, of which foreign investors sold more than 12.736 billion yuan, and self-operated investors also sold more than 6.543 billion yuan. Only Investment Credit Investment continued to buy more than 3.739 billion yuan, with 34 consecutive purchases, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan.

Benefiting from the upsurge in pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and other new series of products, legal entities are optimistic that the peak season operation of related Apple-related PCBs can be expected. The three major legal entities yesterday bought Huatong, the top 10 stock winner, and received an increase of 13,197, buying 4 times in a row, of which foreign investors covered More than 7970 contracts were bought, and more than 6857 contracts were bought.

All U.S. stocks closed in the black this morning, mainly because the Federal Reserve (Fed) started its two-day interest rate meeting on Tuesday (19th).10-year U.S. Treasury yieldIt climbed over 4.36%, hitting a new high since 2007. All four major indexes were wiped out.Dow Jones Industrial AverageIt fell more than 300 points at its deepest point during the session, and the closing loss narrowed significantly, but it still set a new closing low in two weeks. The S&P Index also hit its lowest closing price so far in September.

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The focus of today’s market watch is that Intel is rushing into AI, planning a dual territory of cloud and edge computing, and building a “Siliconomy” ecological chain, which will bring nearly 8 trillion US dollars (approximately 8 trillion U.S. dollars) to the global technology industry.New Taiwan Dollar 255 trillion) output value. Including wafer foundry packaging and testing TSMC, ASE, IC design Realtek, carrier board factory Xinxing, components Jiaze, Jiance, Lianya, as well as downstream board manufacturers Gigabyte, MSI, and brand manufacturers Acer, Asus and other Intel concepts stocks are expected to benefit.

Leading wafer foundry factory TSMC (2330-TW)’s 3-nanometer process has been put into mass production, and Apple is the first customer. The semiconductor supply chain pointed out that TSMC’s 3-nanometer process is ahead of Samsung. Although only one customer, Apple, is currently in production, by the second half of next year, Intel, MediaTek, At least four customers, including AMD and Qualcomm, have joined the ranks of mass production, which will increase production capacity and significantly inject revenue.

Overall, the short-term trend of Taiwanese stocks is supported by investment trust buying. However, it is worth noting that investment trust operations have a situation of “booking out AI stocks and closing accounts for small and medium-sized stocks”. In the past, Quanta (2382-TW) fell below the quarterly line, with Wistron and Gigabyte breaking their previous lows again, reflecting that investors are betting on AI stocks at the end of the quarter, and investors should be careful that their chips are messy.

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