Taiwan singer Zhuang Lingyun fell off the building after returning to her alma mater and died at the age of 22 | Apple Daily

Taiwan’s new singer Zhuang Lingyun returned to her alma mater today to find a teacher, but fell off the building and died at the age of 22. According to Taiwan’s Apple News, Zhuang Lingyun went back to her alma mater to chat with her former teacher at 3 o’clock this afternoon. She ran to the library building by herself and fell to the ground. The teacher and school staff immediately called an ambulance but were sent to the hospital for first aid 2 Hours later, he was still pronounced dead due to his injuries. It is understood that the Taiwan police ruled out external intervention. The investigation found that Zhuang Lingyun’s last phone call before falling from the building was to call her boyfriend, complaining to the other party about her family life, and then fell to her death. Her father received the bad news and told the police. It’s hard to believe that my daughter will have such negative thoughts.

Zhuang Lingyun was born in a talent show. She was influenced by her father and loved singing since she was a child. After 3 years of training, she finally released her first single “Let’s meet again next time” in November last year. This song also became the movie “Unspeakable” “Farewell” Chinese propaganda song. The film tells about the relationship between a mother and daughter who has been suffering from frostbite for many years. She experienced the hardest farewell in her life. As a newcomer, she was excited when she learned that the work was selected. : “Really lucky.” And Zhuang Lingyun was still on IG’s limited time feed yesterday, posting a photo with a V and writing: “Thank you for your love to me”, and also shared Li Ronghao’s “Quit Smoking”, I like this song very much.

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Lin Youjia was shocked

Zhuang Lingyun participated in the talent show at the age of 18. When Lin Youjia was a mentor, she was very shocked by the incident. He said: “Until now, she has always been a hard-working girl. Now I feel sad and regretful. I hope she There will be no more pain in the future.” During the competition, Zhuang Lingyun chose to sing Xiao Jingteng’s song “Let me sing love songs for you” and was encouraged by her tutor Xiao Jingteng. Xiao Jingteng heard the news of her death and said through her agent Summer: “I can’t believe it. I am very sorry, I hope she can sing happily in another world.” Xiao Jingteng also expressed her feelings with regret and sadness in IG.


〈24-hour helpline〉

* The Hong Kong Samaritan Association for the Prevention of Suicide Hotline: 2389 2222

* Life Hotline: 2382 0000

* Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Zhi Ruo Yuen Hotline: 18281

* Social Welfare Department Hotline: 2343 2255

* Hospital Authority Mental Health Hotline (24 hours): 2466 7350

* Caritas Xiangqing Hotline: 18288

* Hong Kong Association of Counselling and Psychology: 9238 3400 (WhatsApp)

* “Truth Talking Room” online counseling support service

http://bit.ly/2uhcdFv (8pm-1am)WAIT


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