Taifib Education Members Become Victims of the Beatings of Bungurasih Thugs

Sidoarjo (beritajatim.com) – Four of the 10 thugs who used to hang out in the Bungurasih area were arrested by the Sidoarjo Police Criminal Investigation Unit for allegedly ganging up on Pratu JYS, members of the Indonesian Navy at the exit of the Purabaya Bungurasih Terminal, Sidoarjo, Sunday (23/5/2021) night.

The four actors, namely UNH (20) from Trenggalek; Moch RTR (19), from Waru Sidoarjo; FCP (19), from Waru Sidoarjo and YMK (20) from Bungurasih, Waru, Sidoarjo. Meanwhile, five to six other people are still on the run and are being chased by the police. About 10 thugs, allegedly ganged up on JYS Pratu, who is now studying at Taifib Karangpilang Surabaya.

The Head of the Sidoarjo Police, Kombespol Sumardji, said that the four thugs had now been arrested at the Sidoarjo Police Headquarters for further investigation. “We managed to secure four people,” he said.

According to him, the perpetrators of the attack on a member of the Indonesian Navy who studied in Karangpilang were carried out by more than 10 people. “The others are still in pursuit of officers,” he said.

Sumardji explained that the chronology of the beatings started with the victim riding a motorcycle. While at the exit of Bungurasih Terminal, the victim suddenly shouted at the thief by the perpetrator. “After shouting at the thief, the perpetrators immediately ganged up on the victim,” he said.

As a result of the beatings, the victim suffered injuries to the head, temples, eyes and other body parts. “Earlier he was taken to the Bhayangkara Hospital and the victim was allowed to go home,” explained Sumardji. (one/only)

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