Taher El Meligy, the historian of artists in Tunisia, is under the protection of God

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs mourned with sorrow and grief; The great journalist and critic Al-Taher Al-Meligy, who passed away yesterday, Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at the age of 86.
The late Taher El Meligy is called – according to the obituary – a historian of artists, a Tunisian actor, writer and journalist who collaborated for a long time with radio and television, and was close to the lives of artists in all its details, and he was known for his encyclopedic memory and his great love for the world of art and culture.
The late Taher El-Meligy succeeded in establishing a special relationship with the Tunisian audience, with his distinctive style of presentation and his ability to attract the attention of his followers. Among his successful television experiences, we mention the “Movie Songs” program.
The deceased published several articles in Arabic and French in many Tunisian newspapers, and also wrote a book on nostalgia in French.
Al-Taher El-Meligy also composed a number of songs, including: “You are the concern of Bali.” He also participated in acting in several dramatic works, including the series “Deposit” and other works.


And the late Taher El-Meligy was a frequent visitor to Egypt, and he had friendly and friendly relations with artists, interrogating them and writing about them. the last century.
The late gained wide fame in Tunisia; He was distinguished by his humorous style of narrating the many accurate information about the stars of art in both Egypt and Tunisia, and he owns references and old magazines, and he has multiple documents, and he has brochures in his handwriting to which he returns when needed, and he is originally an employee of the Electricity and Gas Company, but he is fond of Art and artists have a great love.


The Ministry of Cultural Affairs offered its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased, Taher Al-Meligy, and to the entire cultural and creative family, asking God Almighty to bless him with his vast mercy, and to inspire his family and relatives beautiful patience and solace.

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