Tags to the glory of Hitler discovered near the Jean-Moulin school in Bron

This Thursday morning, the discovery of tags in the Terraillon district in Bron was particularly shocking.

The writings were revealed by François-Xavier Pénicaud, deputy mayor Jérémie Bréaud. Produced near the Jean-Moulin school, they are an anthology of insanities and anti-police or anti-Semitic messages to the glory of Adolf Hitler.

“Hithler le rho (diminutive of brother in Arabic)”, “here commu (nauté ndlr) nazi” or even “Nike the Jews” were tagged on the walls, with some swastikas and the traditional spelling mistakes.

“I strongly condemn these acts and testify to my full solidarity with all those who have legitimately felt attacked or soiled by these inscriptions, reacted the brilliant elected. Peace, respect, dialogue, altruism, tolerance, are so many republican principles that we must reaffirm every day with firmness and determination. Thank you to the municipal police and to the city’s technical services who quickly intervened to erase this monstrous scar on the face of our beautiful city “.




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